Boat illustration for childrens book


flash files on Luas Dublin Bus Dart

Mouse over illustrations

link to kids game I created drag the dragonfly

Orangehairy Video

This video was college project done as a promotional advertisement for Ecover, it was done with a animation student Jack Bank. The music is by Bruno Mars

I created the story, background and characters using a combination of paper and graphics. Its about a hairy orange character who loses hair when he showers, this hair goes down the plug hole with the aid of ecover product, which cleans yet supports the environment. The hair goes out the drain and picks up some germ monsters freeing them from the drain and cleaning them in the process. The hair goes into the ocean and joins onto a hairy fish helping to preserve species diversity. The hairy fish is made up of components that are thrown away by us humans, and end up in the ocean where they recycle to create the fish. The components are non-biodegradable yet create a new species. At the end it is said to serve species diversity which it does by adding hair to the hairy fish species